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Opening on July, 13th


Through his work, Albert Minoves opens the door to a world of his own, using a rich language. The keys to unraveling the meaning of its symbols are found in what resonates with us when we observe the different forms; they live in spaces that, by imagining them, he has made possible. A bold proposal, the result of great creativity, which comes from the inner conviction that what he senses, exists. 

The artist's task is to show us what has not yet been explained; cosmos that can only be related to symbols that become a synthesis of its life trajectory. In the case of Albert, the genesis of the shape of the multiple horizons, as well as the figures that populate them, arise from a context where nature is ubiquitous: he is born and raised in the Venezuelan jungle and the Argentine pampas, filling his mind with images, spaces, and colors; meanings that he will synthesize and later transfer to the canvas, mediated by new knowledge acquired as an adult. It is not just about trees of unprecedented shapes, plants, or rare objects that parade before our eyes; all of this interrelates, creating a subtle web of lines of force that balance seemingly chaotic landscapes. It brings us closer to unpublished places that we guess in its transparencies and thanks to a very personal use of color, the result of the complex application of a new pictorial material created by him and which, in a perpetual play with light, acquires a thousand nuances and textures, giving it movement.

Albert's work is a conglomeration of emotions that he expresses using poetic semiotics, as the concepts that could explain it are still under construction.

Dolors Comajuncosa

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