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23/2/21 - 14/3/21


The paintings presented by Capçada presents in Art Enllà could be defined, generically, as landscapes; landscapes that are reminiscent of the region where he has lived for more than forty years. If we saw the Vallès Oriental from a bird's eye view, we would observe a terrain dominated by gentle valleys and small hills, dotted by some outlines of Mediterranean forest. A region dedicated for centuries to the cultivation of cereals and livestock, where in recent decades several industrial estates have also been established. A common landscape that has deeply penetrated Capçada. And the fact is that the paintings that he now exhibits arise from memory and from the subconscious with an extraordinary firmness and mastery over matter. They are paintings of the most remarkable beauty and balance.

But Capçada is not a landscape or figurative painter, his work is radically abstract, matteric in many cases and almost always metaphysical. The artist uses his memories to create a poetic universe where we can trace the subtle presence of hay bales, industrial buildings, highways and roads, which he shows us through peculiar relays and sinuous lines that we never know where they lead.

In short, we invite you to enjoy a genuinely personal work, done with skill, a work that does not yield to aesthetic concessions of any kind, but is absolutely capable of transmitting that serenity that we so long for. 

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