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2/2/2021 - 22/2/2021


The work presented by Tomàs Morell in Art Enllà is a collection of paintings recently made, from 2019 to today. The central axis of "Pirouettes for beginners" revolves around the women's identity and femininity, with Morell already suggesting the tensions between men and women in his previous exhibition in Barcelona and thus encouraging discussion about gender identity. 

In spite of his interest in role systems and his place in a social, economic and political context, Morell is not a sociologist or anthropologist: his current work is the result of the artist's fascination with the female genre, and he puts it by using his subtle sense of humor, with resonances that we might well trace in his beloved Picasso, Kippenberger and Guston. 

Perhaps it is his own experience with psychoanalysis or his natural inclination to sail in this sea of enigmas and desires, in which Thomas Morell brings us closer to his particular vision of the feminine universe through these paintings where flowers are the central theme.  

Flowers that expand, that bind, that sometimes want to leave the very space in which they are located. All in all, flowers that drain our imagination to put ourselves in the serenity of works that will, at best, disturb our spirit and will involve us in this 'Joie de Vivre' that Tomàs Morell wants to share with us.

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