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We present the new collection of monographs edited by Art Enllà. A selection of the works and retrospectives of some of the most outstanding artists of our panorama. Below this lines you can see a small sample of the works we have published so far.


Pablo Leonardo Martinez

Spatial conversations

At the age of nine, Pablo Leonardo Martínez exhibited for the first time in his life. His mother, seeing the passion that her son felt for drawing and painting, set up an exhibition with some of his pieces in the child's bedroom.

Despite this premature and unusual feature, we cannot say that this artist's professional career is one of the most prolific, only six solo exhibitions in almost forty years. Thus, far from welcoming large audiences in its exhibitions, only a small circle of friends and art lovers echoed the undoubted quality of the pieces on display, as well as the true talent of its author.

In this sense, we must explain that Pablo Leonardo Martínez, both because of his attitude and his working method, could well have been born sixty years earlier, exactly at the beginning of the 20th century. His way of understanding art and creating his sculptures never quite fit into what had become the artistic world and public institutions in the city of Barcelona at the end of the last century.

Regardless of fashions or new trends in art, Pablo went his own way, always locked in his workshop, shaping the materials of a lifetime and creating rigorous, beautiful and -of course- fascinating sculptures. Always faithful to his inner world and without showing special interest in nature or the human being, his pieces stand out for their apparent timelessness and for a serenity that undoubtedly arises from the telluric forces and the cosmic energies in which Pablo lives immersed.

For all these reasons we are pleased to offer you this curated selection of works created by Pablo during the last five years, a couple of reflections on his sculptures and a brief biographical profile that will provide you with some of the keys to discover, appreciate and better enjoy his talent as artist.

Pablo Leonardo Martínez: "Spatial Conversations"

Spanish edition

Hard cover

120 Pages

Text by Manuel Valls Bernat and Jaime de Córdoba

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