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Jaume mestres

(Manresa, 1964)


From the family tradition he has inherited many of the knowledge and techniques on pictorial materials and, at the same time, a great sensitivity. He studied at the Faculty of Fine Arts of the University of Barcelona, ​​where he specialized in painting. In 1991 he received a scholarship from the École Nationale des Beaux-Arts in Paris.


In addition to pictorial art, his professional life encompasses a long list of works and experiences that move between graphic design, chromaticism, scenography, restoration, decoration and photography workshops. Tradition and craft become a background along with experimentation, innovation and philosophy for painting in its contemporary art aspect. Since 1989, Jaume Mestres has exhibited in different halls and galleries. His work can be found in different private collections, mostly in Europe.



Pictorial training with Jan Voss at L’École Nationale des Beaux Arts in Paris.

Artistic training in the specialty of painting with Ferran García Castillo, Xavier Grau, Genovart and Hernández Pijoan at the Faculty of Fine Arts of the University of Barcelona.

Training in Yoga philosophy, Advaita Vedanta and Shivaism, with Swami Satyananda Saraswati.



Vi_suals 2020 Manresa, Collective (2020)

Espai [b], Barcelona. (2020)

Espai [b], Barcelona, ​​Collective (2019)

Espai Workshop. L’Ametlla del Vallès (2019)

Sol Gallery, Granollers (2018)

Espai Tranquil de Berbany, Granollers (2018)

Espai d’Art, Manresa (2017)

Casa Fornells Uró, Sant Fruitós de Bages (2017)

Cercle Artístic, Manresa (2013)

Study +3, Manresa (2008)

Escola d’Art, Manresa (2004)

Calders Gallery, Barcelona (2003)

Bcnet Gallery, Barcelona (2002)

Espai Códols 16, Barcelona (1997)

Exhibition in different private spaces in the exhibition cycle "La folder de mà en mà". (1992-2002)

Exhibition space of l’École National de Beaux Arts, Paris (1991)

Artual Gallery, Barcelona (1990)


Artistic collaborations:

Paintings for the film "Fred" by Santi Trulleque (2020)

Artistic intervention on photographs for the exhibition and book “Against disappeared” by Gustavo Germano (2019)

Lithograph "Llum" for the Fundació Universitària del Bages (2010)

Cover and interior illustration for the book "Vincles" by Àngels Torras (2009)

Illustrations for the scenography of "L'edat de la patciencia" by the cia. of contemporary dance Mudances de Àngels Margarit (1999)

Collaborator as a painter in the scenography for the work "Estrips" by Toni Cabré.

Santa Companya Company (1999)

Creation of pictorial panels for the exhibition in "Buda, camí d’orient" of the Fundació Caixa de Manresa (1995)

Artistic collaborations for montages and exhibitions, for the Estudi de Lluís Mestres i B.E.C S.A (1988-1992)

Member of the team for the Eixample de Barcelona chromatic plan. Research and preparation of the Eixample color chart. (1991)

Illustrations for the pedagogical collection Traça de edicions Eumo (1988)

Collaboration in the Vallirana Serigraphy workshop. (1990-1991)



President of Advaitavidya. (2011-2018)

Presentation at the Fòrum Psyche, “I jornades d’integració psychedelica” of the Fundació ICEERS (2017)

Founding member of the Hindu Federation of Spain (2016)

Literary collaboration in the book "Ausencias" by Gustavo Germano (2007)

Management of the Bcnet gallery, Barcelona (2000-2003)

Participation in the interior design plan of the government and diplomatic residential center of Nouakchott (Mauritania) (1999)

Stylist consultant in Becky Lawton's photography studio (1997-1999)

Curator and vitalizer of "La perla de Códols". Interdisciplinary art meetings (1993-1998)

Installation "Iglús en los Monegros" in Vilanueva de Sijena, project subsidized by the Diputación de Aragón (1990)




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