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Opening on June, 22nd


The work of Joanpere Massana is the logical and irreversible consequence of her native roots.Born in Ponts, Lleida, where he still lives and works.

Landscape and  extreme climate of his region are  present in his work as the trail of some artists and creators who dazzled and influenced him at a very young age. Massana is the direct heir of Gaudí, Miro and Tàpies. A trilogy of artists that Massana deeply admires and that are part of his very personal artistic DNA.

His work is characterized for mixture  languages where we can found material painting, drawing and the incorporation of diverse objects . Some paintings in this case of great contrasts, but at the same time of a very personal balance full of harmony and beauty.His pieces are recognized with great ease which is not very common among artists of this era. Possessing his own language, he transmits to us a harmonious serenity that expands from his pieces and fills the environment. The work that now presents in Art Enllà, is a selection of the latest works. Paintings, drawings, sculptures and manipulated objects, which offer a broad vision of his work, scarcely known in our city.Joanpere Massana with more than thirty years of professional career usually exhibits in Italy, France, Germany, Holland, Switzerland, Belgium and the USA.

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