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15/4/21 - 8/5/21


Both because of his attitude and his method of working, Pablo Leonardo Martínez may well have been born sixty years earlier, exactly at the beginning of the 20th century. His way of understanding art and creating his sculptures never ended up in what had become of the art world in the city of Barcelona by the end of the last century. Regardless of the fashions or new trends in art that prevailed at the time, Pablo followed his solo path, always enclosed in his workshop, shaping lifelong materials and creating rigorous, beautiful, and fascinating sculptures.  

We cannot say that Pablo Leonardo has had a very prolific career in solo exhibitions so far, but what we can say is that because of his self-confidence and his obstinate work, he is now one of the most unique sculptors of the XXI century.  

True to his inner world, his abstract pieces stand out for their apparent timelessness and serenity that undoubtedly arise from the telluric forces and the cosmic energies in which he lives immersed. W are very pleased to offer you this selection of sculptures created by Pablo Leonardo Martínez over the last five years. We can assure you that you are about to discover a work to which no one can remain indifferent.

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