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12/01/2021 - 30/01/2021

Captura de pantalla 2020-12-31 a las 18.

Wilfried Prager belongs to a dying breed of artists. In other words: he belongs to a thereatened species, which we have to preserve if we don't want art to disappear from our lives.


Paint circulates through his veins and pumps his heart with the same regularity as he paints. Regardless of trends and fashions, Wilfried paints slowly, always using oil on canvas, trying to bring out the light with all its intensity in his work. Layer upon layer, a rythmic and methodical gesture and a tenacity can be pereceived in each of his pieces. Simple in appearance but tremendously complex, his paintings often convey things even beyond what the artist intended to communicate on a first instance.


Wilfried Prager's work is very similar to what we could see from the insides of a black hole inside our brain. As he himself says: 


"The mistery that emerges from a painting, it's timelessness, absoultely escapes reason, despite all attempts to explain its nature".

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