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Ricard Casabayó

For Ricard Casabayó (Barcelona, ​​1968) art is a trace, it is energy condensed into something insignificant, like a stone. Its stone universe reminds of the energy flow that ancient lithic cultures invoked with their large dolmen-like constructions, but Ricard proposes what we could call minilithic in front of the megalith; in front of the monument he vindicates the pebble.

And in these stones there is room for endless sensations, potentialities, promises ... Art is that imprint that the intangible leaves on the physical, silk routes dug into the rock as metaphors of sensory travel and unpredictable traces of a sea in heat, calcareous caresses gifts from a Stone Age that freeze the moment of expectation, the illusion of the gesture, the magic of the offering not yet revealed.


Everyday objects transformed into something like private votive offerings as a result of the material and textural confrontation, due to the thermal and symbolic leveling between the elements, a sensitive transfer of the sculptor.


His artistic career always linked to sculpture is also caressed by photography, painting and installations, his material is stone although he also works with wood, iron and emerging materials such as resins, plastic, aluminum, etc. that he uses to carry out digging. his work.


With an innate concern for space, he creates from apparent concepts, turning into narrative suggestive aspects to be read from different points of view, significant works with traditional and dreamlike invocations condensed from highly refined techniques where the chisel penetrates the work to create an act of love.




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