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Opening on June, 22nd


In the work of Roser Sales Noguera lies a power that is difficult to ignore. Sensitive, delicate and evocative, her drawings and engravings have the ability to transform a personal vision of nature such as hers into a cardinal experience for those who are willing to confront it with open eyes and hearts.


Regardless of the territory in which you can find her (she has lived and worked both in Europe and in the US), Sales Noguera's attentive gaze wanders and picks up the colors and shapes of her particular path. During her creative process, mostly based on the journey or displacement as well as in the aspect of chance that shines on those who are eager to find, the artist collects leaves, branches, stones ... various elements of nature to later reproduce them in her studio, thus transforming what could look like mere plant remains to the untrained eye, into a kind of memory objects, always endowing them with special textures and emotions.


We therefore present you a selection of the latest, most relevant series by the artist: Unrelated Forest and Iceland. Under the name 'Unrelated', we wanted to capture the idea that we think marks the whole of Roser's work. A collection of pieces apparently unrelated to each other, which still find common links to draw a great map of the real, of nature, but above all of her own gaze.

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