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Opening on March, 16th


The solid artistic training and the early and uninterrupted trajectory, the impeccable application of color and a its refined technique are the foundations on which Santi Queralt's work is built. However, what turns his work into a recognizable and highly personal pictorial language is the gaze of a tireless observer, a voyeuristic gaze that investigates, analyzes, fixes and discards. The mental construction of the observed reaches the canvas later and not vice versa, which makes the artist an observer who paints


The result of his method immerses those who contemplate his creations in the Queraltian Universe, and it is when immersed in that labyrinthine abyss where it can be understood that we are not contemplating a painting, but a game of elements in constant movement to find its perfect fitting place. The almost sculptural volumes hide - rather than show - the ultimate meaning of each piece and invite the viewer to decipher among the numerous possibilities which would be the definitive one to better understand the ultimate meaning of the observed work or perhaps the first sketch of the next one.


Whoever owns a Queralt possesses the result of a passion for form, color and fluidity. The ultimate fruit of a trapped obsession that, paraphrasing the artist, we woud say that such dedication only gets to the limits of creation or sex. And it's true, beauty doesn't need more literature. 

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