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Opening on May, 11th


Tatiana Blanqué's paintings are the result of a great capacity for slow, reflective and deep observation of nature. In her huge landscapes / paintings we can see the complex structure of trees rising to the sky, weaving a dazzling world of shapes and colors, always accompanied by an immaculately white background, perhaps so that we can appreciate the miracle of creation in all its magnitude.

Trees have been around for 370 million years. They grow well rooted, deep in the earth, and expand in space creating an important part of this world in complex ways that we call landscapes. Since ancient times, human beings have worshiped the tree. In different cultures magical powers are attributed to them, although this aspect is of little interest to Tatiana Blanqué. To her, the tree is an organic form the existence of which has always accompanied her,  not only a natural expression of beauty in its broadest sense, but an irreplaceable figure of the landscape that surrounds us.

Thus, we find ourselves before a dazzling, solid, pictorial work of a captivating beauty made with a stroke and looseness typical of a painter who lives with passion the moment in which she lives, the work of which inevitably invites us to reflect on our own existence in a world increasingly threatened by deforestation and climate change.

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