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Xavier Masero (Barcelona, 1966).jpg

Xavier Masero


Xavier Masero enjoys the fight of the forms to become new forms: «The wound aspires always at scar» he says, mentally. His gaze on the world is not common. Further than looking at things, his eyes stop to inquire how they were made; beyond the meat, they long for their shape, their remains, the structure that makes them possible: «more than the fish itslef -would say Masero- I love the fish's skin». On nature, he chooses the wreckage of the frugal banquet; on  thought, his processes; on life, lastly, the echo that talks us of the vanity of the path.



Thus why the work of Masero is to be considered almost structural, osseus; loyal to the organic game that the world proposes, but his art is a debate between dead matter and the gesture, tilting between the geomaery that modulates the orb and the kaos that frees it, and explores everything and beyond, the sum of the parts, trimmings where the spontaneous nature aspires to overcome the fatuous combat of life and accomodates in new shapes, runing away from the tempus fugit. 


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