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Opening on June, 1st

Captura de pantalla 2021-05-28 a las 19.

As if the artist were walking under an almost martial direction - artists are supposed to be courageous - Masero's work is the brave expression of an almost savage and unnatural impulse: to tame the «chaos» for a moment, and rearrange it so that it becomes «thing ».

Perhaps this is why Xavier Masero's view of the world is not common. Beyond looking at things, his eyes stop to see how they are made: "More than the fish," Masero would say, "I love the skin that makes it a fish." He chooses his forms from nature; from thought, he chooses its processes. His motto: to find the hidden order, and if it doesn't exist, to invent it.

As a result, Masero’s work is almost structural, mechanical, tenacious in solving the riddle that the world proposes to him; his outline is debated between organic matter and gestures, it swings between the geometry that modulates the orb and the chaos that liberates it, and it explores, beyond the whole, the cuts where spontaneous nature becomes art.

With this exhibition - perhaps the most extensive and transversal he has done in recent years - Xavier Masero makes a careful selection of his creative obsessions, and while avoiding the "essential recollection", he invites us to follow the map of his artistic career, to get lost in the multidisciplinary set (painting, sculpture, ceramics, and video installation) of his artistic proposal, a creative endeavor that is not afraid to take risks because it doesn't understand the error but as an inevitable interlude to resolution and calm.

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